Deep interpretation healthy food.

  •   1. Are foods healthy?
  •   2. Top 6 Healthiest Foods.
  •   3. Never eat food?

Deep interpretation healthy food.
 Deep interpretation healthy food.

  ● Are foods healthy.

  Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, trace minerals in a healthy diet.

  The human body needs nutrients that are good for developing body function and fitness.

  Carbohydrate = one of the important nutrients, which is necessary for the body to provide the necessary energy calories for those who cannot get enough energy due to hypoglycemia ketosis, etc. Let's have a look at carbohydrate foods.

  # 1. Raw Rice, # 2.kendybeans.

  3. # lentils.  # 4. Bread Bread.

  5. "White Rice, # 7.Carots.

  # 7. Buckle, # 8beetroot.

  - 9.Get, # 10. Nut, # 11 Banna.

  Vitamin = Vitamin is an organic compound which is very important for the importance of pollution of our body.  Our body cannot make vitamins on its own.  That is why we fill their deficiency with food.  But there are some vitamins like Vitamin D and K. This body produces it on its own.

  Vitamins are divided into two parts.

  1. Water-soluble vitamins.

  Water-soluble vitamins cannot be stored.  Can not stay in the body for a long time.

  2. Soluble vitamins.

  Fat is soluble in our body with an albumen and is stored in fatty tissue.  Fat-soluble vitamins can remain in our body for several days.

  Types of vitamins.

  1. Vitamin A = Chemical Name (Retinol).  The main function of Vitamin A is to strengthen and strengthen our muscles and bones and to maintain the balance of calcium in the blood.  Lack of this makes the eyes weak.  The main sources are milk, poultry, cheese and green vegetables.

  2. Vitamin B1 = chemical name (thiamine) is very useful to keep our brain busy.  Its main solar cells are sunflower seeds, potatoes, oranges and eggs.

  3.Vitamin B2 = chemical name (riboflavin).  It is very useful for keeping the skin good.  Its main sources are bananas, milk, yogurt, meat, eggs, green beans and

  4.Vitamin B5 = Its chemical name (Pentonic acid).  The main part prevents hair from becoming white.  This also reduces stress.  Its main sources are weather, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes and leafy vegetables.


  The best sources of protein are normal milk and soy.  Soy milk has the same difference in simple form.  A protein of 3.4 is found in 100 grams of protein of both.  If you drink 1 liter of milk every day, you will get about 34 grams of protein.

  Egg is the second best source of protein.  An egg contains 6 grams of protein but most of the protein is in the white part of the egg.  75% of the egg protein is in the white part of the egg and the yellow part of the egg is mostly thick.

  Tofu is a breed of tofu cheese.  You can get a quantity of protein from a hundred grams of tofu.

  ● 6 healthy foods.

  Blueberries are low in calories, but high nutrients can have anti-diabetic effects and help improve memory.  Dia are high in antioxidants that reduce their free radical damage and can help slow down the aging process.

  Broccoli is high in many nutrients.  Fiber-rich Vitamin C Apart from iron and cottage, it is also a good source of fiber.  And is higher in protein than other vegetables.  Broccoli also contains lutein.

  Almond nut is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and is packed with many health protein phytouchemicals.the ingredients.  Many beneficial plant compounds include powerful antioxidants such as resveratrol, catechin, and quercetin.  These nuts are also an excellent source of vitamin E.

  Apples are high in dietary fiber vitamin C and various antioxidants and flavoids. they are a good source of many antioxidants.

  Avocados are an excellent source of dietary fiber vitamins and minerals and are packed with many health benefits of plant nutrients.

  Spinach leaves are a rich source of many important antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin-A and vitamin-C and flavonoid polytechnic antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotene.

  ● food to never eat.

  Consuming mostly pickles causes problems like stomach ache, blood pressure.

  We all like cold drinks but sugar chemical is the most used in it.  There is no such thing found in cold drinks which benefits our body.

  We find all kinds of packaged juices in the market, but you know they are not original.  The real friend spoils after a few minutes and is stored for 6 months.  Sugar is added, which is harmful to general health.

  If we eat rice hot, it will not harm our health.  But often people have a habit of eating leftover rice the next day.  Consuming leftover rice the next night is many times more harmful than cold.  When the rice is hot after heating.  He starts spreading a virus named Bacillus cereus.

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